Jun 172016

Running is not that fun the first few times you do it, especially if it is not your routine. You probably know somebody who does some morning runs and you wonder why they put themselves through so much trouble. You may assume that walking is just as healthy as running but this could not be further from the truth. Running has way more benefits than simply walking. Many people walk, few run. The question however is, why choose running?

1.Running is exercise- There are numerous methods of exercising but the best thing about running is that it does not require equipment. Only your two legs and a field and you become as one who spends a fortune in the gym

2.It is simple exercise- You do not need a trainer to teach you how to run. Running is not a skill that you are taught in a fitness class. It is so simple even a 5 year old can do it.

3.Stay alert and sharp- People who exercise and run are always sharp at work or in school. There is something about sweating a little that leaves your brain alert and attentive. Try running before doing any day activities and watch your concentration span rise.

4.It is a rewarding Sport- Running is not only a form of exercise but a sport. You may find out that running is in your blood and end up in the Olympics. How do you think Usain Bolt found out that he could run? He simply ran. If you don’t enter the Olympics, participating in this sport as a team also has numerous benefits like understanding team work.

5.Lose weight and maintain- Whether you want to lose some weight or maintain your weight, running will prove very resourceful in achieving your desired goal. Running is proven method to burn a lot of kilo-joules.

6.Strong bones- Running is a weight bearing exercise. These are exercises that help you build strong bones because you do it with your whole body. If you feel you need stronger bones, accompany running with eating a lot of iron and you might become the next Man of steel.

7.Relieves stress- When you feel you are under pressure and have a lot of stress one simple solution is to run. Running will half solve your problems. This is because your body will dispel excess hormone and energy and will leave you in a more sober mood to solve your problems.

8.Prevent Disease- They say prevention is better than cure. A lot of the modern day diseases can actually be prevented by this form of exercise. Diseases like stroke, breast cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be prevented if you run. Running will help your arteries retain their elasticity and will strengthen your heart.

9.Makes you live longer- Numerous studies show that exercising will make you live longer. If you want to enjoy this earth longer, you better start running. Running will keep all your organs healthy and you will age slowly.

There are many more benefits of running. If you want to sleep tight and live stress free, running is your ticket in. It’s very simple and does not even require that you dip into your pocket. Choose running today and make it a habit.



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