Jul 102016

Whether you are running for fun or you just want to burn some few calories, eating the right type of food before and after a run can be the difference between staying healthy and living wrong. Running, just like any other type of exercise requires sufficient energy before and after.
Having a good meal before a run will provide your body with sufficient energy to see you through the running period. On the other hand, eating something good after a run will help in restoring your depleted body energy. Whether you are planning to eat before or after a run, the following are some of the best type foods you should always consider beforehand.
Foods to Eat Before a Run
Grab an Apple
Apples unlike other types of fruits contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which are essential in providing your body with sufficient energy. The crunchy apple juice, on the other hand, helps in keeping your body hydrated during the run.
These heaven-sent seeds contain high levels of starch and fiber. Once ingested, they function by keeping your body stuffed. Unlike grains which may make your stomach cramp, walnuts usually keep you satisfied. Apart from this, walnuts also provide maximum energy required for your running activities.
Always grab a cup of smoothie before you hit the road or the gym. A cup of smoothies blended using the right type of fruits and mixed with the right blend of yogurt has been shown to contain high levels of energy. Your body highly requires this type of energy and power.
According to nutritional facts, a single cup of well-cooked oatmeal contains up to 158 calories. Calories, as we all know, are significant suppliers of energy in the body. Taking a plate of these grains will gradually provide your body with the required amount of energy to sustain you during the run. Oatmeal contains no traces of fat hence making it an ideal grain for exercise purposes.
What to Eat after a Run
Grab a Steak of Salmon
Salmon contains proteins and nutrients which have been shown to reduce inflammation and increase joint support. Taking a good chunk of salmon and a mixture of fruits and veggies after a run will mediate joint movement and reduce inflammation especially to starters.
Chocolate Milk
A cup of chocolate milk is a great drink especially to people who don’t like eating something heavy after a jog. Chocolate milk contains optimum levels of carbohydrates and protein which are essential in providing your body with sufficient energy. Almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and hemp milk are also great alternatives.
Bagel with Peanut Butter
This mixture brings together the combination of carbohydrates and proteins all in one place. After a run, your body requires sufficient energy to sustain the metabolism process. Peanut butter is rich in protein and fiber while bagel comes equipped with sufficient amount of carbohydrates.
Fruit Juice and Fruit Salad
Fruit juice contains a significant amount of energy in the form of glucose which is highly needed by the body especially after a run. Mixing a glass of your favorite juice blend with some veggie salads will surely restore your energy back to normal.


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