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Are you an athlete or interested in running? You should feel comfortable immediately after putting on your best running shoes and maintain the same feeling after running for some miles. The way you feel in your shoes is usually determined by your foot shape and running style. In case you are a regular runner, quality shoes should endure 500-400, miles, which is approximately three or four months. Furthermore, if the midsoles or outsoles of your shoes are worn or compressed, you should buy new best running shoes.

Categories of running shoes

The decision to purchase running shoes demands that you know the category that you need. Here at the most common categories of shoes you can choose from:

• Cross-training shoes-Your cross-fit workout, gym sessions and any balance activities will be more enjoyable if you buy this type of shoes. These activities need more ground contact than the normal thick platform sole preferences.

• Trail-running shoes-If you usually run off road where the routes have obstacles such as mud, rocks, and roots then this is your type of shoes. They have aggressive tread enhancements for reliable solid traction as well as fortified to give you underfoot protection, balance and stability.

• Road-running shoes-There make is awesome on pavements and occasionally on slightly irregular surfaces. The best running shoes are flexible and light. They protect your feet as you occasionally land on the hard and even surface.

Types of best Running Shoes

The type of your shoes can have a great influence on your training sessions. The following are great shoes for you:

• Stability shoes-All of you who experience mild to moderate form of evaporation. Your midsole are reinforced as you exercise.

• Neutral shoes-They are good for mild pronators. However, they are what you need if you supinate. Medial support and shock absorption is what these shoes do best.

• Minimalist shoes-The shoes are light weight thus offering flex and cushion.

• Barefoot shoes-This kind of best running shoes protect your bare feet from hazardous objects on the track. They have a zero drop design.

•Motion control shoes-The best running shoes can be categorized in this manner. They have stiffer heels.

Features of quality running shoes

As you go shopping for your best running shoes, please have a look at the following features:


You are advised to look for uppers with the following characteristics:

• You can choose synthetic leather material. It is derived from polyester and nylon and you will love it is durable, abrasion resistance and supple. The material is more breathable, dries quickly and is lighter than normal leather.

• Thermoplastic urethane-Stability and durability are enhanced by this feature.

• Nylon and nylon mesh-This boosts breathability and reduces weight of your best running shoes.

• Waterproof membrane-It allows your feet to breathe and protect water from entering them.


This is a stability and cushioning layer between the outsole and uppers. They should have:

• Ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA is what you should look for in your best running shoes.

• Posts have firmer EVA

• TPU or nylon plates

• Shanks for midsole stiffening


Rugged rubber is the material that makes most quality running shoes. Your feet are thus effectively cushioned.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

This represents the variation between height of your toe and that of your heel. It affects how the feet strike the surface. Furthermore, Heel Counter and Torsion Bar should be considered. They are vital features.


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